Tamar Nadiradze
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“As a young child, growing up in post-Soviet Georgia,” Tamar says, “I would often escape from the grey and socially degrading realm into the colourful world of my imagination. Then, I would transfer those colours onto a paper along with the images of people, animals or fictional creatures that inhabited my inner world, but were closely related to real daily events… I had always wondered who I was and where I stood back then…”


This inter-balance between her inner, cultural-memory-influenced world and social, ecological, philosophical or political aspects of everyday reality became the basis of her art. Where, patterns, colours and textures of the world Tamar depicts are turned into unique and graphically striking images.


Working mainly in watercolour and pencil on paper, and sometimes utilising the collage technique, Tamar uses the fresh and translucent effect that aquarelle provides to give her paintings a symbolically delicate physical presence. This presence is enhanced by her skill at rendering children’s illustration elements and her sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale, creating a sense of fantasy. 


“I try to reach beyond borders and help people uncover their own inner reality through the layers of my works,” she says, and her paintings realise the goal. The resulting works leave the room for individual perception. This is the reason why Tamar never signs the front of her works. Instead, her signature can be found at the back of her paintings.


The artist lives and works in Georgia.